Katrina Lamet


e-mail: kat[at]

Katrina is an illustrator living in a relatively unknown area of the well-known state Pennsylvania. She loves to make books, read books, and collect books. She also loves her cat, and her boyfriend Billy very, very much. She spends a lot of time now living, loving, and laughing and plans to spend a lot of time in the future doing even more of those. Kat also enjoys a good cup of tea and the whale-shaped shower caddy in her bathroom.
Katrina is currently the art director at Misa Cosmetics, a nail polish company. Surprisingly, she enjoys this job quite a bit despite never having been one of those girly-girl types. She encourages you to send her your portfolio so she may be able to consider you for future projects.
Kat, somewhere hidden deep in a box in her closet, has quite a number of blue ribbons for being a super-awesome swimmer in third grade.

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